Ready for our close-ups

The puppies all went to the photo studio today for some pictures. They were all so good, but they were just plum tuckered out by the end.

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Puppy Love

The puppies are growing and getting more and more active. Here are some pictures of the cuties.

Basket of Puppies









Puppy Love

Sweet little girl

Tired little boy

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Our Eyes are open!

There are little black eyes peeping out at us now. Every day there is something different. You can practically watch them growing!

So tired.

So tired.

Little button eyes.

Little button eyes.

A basket full of Bichons!

A basket full of Bichons!


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We have puppies!

Cricket’s newest litter of puppies arrived on January 11, 2012. We have 3 girls and 2 boys, all healthy and doing wonderful. Cricket is doing a great job and being a fantastic mother as always. Here are a few pictures of the little balls of fur.

Proud Momma

All tuckered out

Sweet little face

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Christmas is coming!





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