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It’s Hard To Tell Them Apart

It's not easy being the only guy

I've been chosen to mend a broken heart.

Aren't I cute
I’ve been chosen by nice couple in South Carolina
Ready for my close up

I've been chosen by a nice lady in Nebraska

Don't you think I'm cute

I've been chosen too. I'm going with my sister.

I'm special - Someone's already chosen me.

I'm special - Someone's already chosen me.

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One month old!

The puppies are already one month old and getting cuter and more playful every day.

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Cricket’s new litter is here!

Cricket and puppies

Cricket and puppies

Cricket’s new litter of puppies is here. They were born on August 20. Cricket waited until Sue got home from work to have them! She had four little girls and one little boy. They are sure growing fast!


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