Our Family Photo

Our mom, Cricket, doesn’t like getting her picture taken as well as we do, but we managed to get one of us all together.

LSP_6351 (2)

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Our Big Photo Shoot!

We went and had our pictures taken. It’s hard work being cute for that long. As you can see at the end, we needed our nap!

LSP_6281 LSP_6286 LSP_6298 LSP_6302 LSP_6306 LSP_6312 LSP_6322 LSP_6325 LSP_6363 LSP_6372 LSP_6377 LSP_6386 LSP_6412

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Check out our Bichon curls!

We are a month old now and you should see our cute curls – fur and tails!!
LSP_6070 LSP_6073 LSP_6072 LSP_6063 LSP_6055 LSP_6051 LSP_6041

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Little Button Eyes

This last week, the puppies opened their eyes. It won’t be long until they are running around and playing. They are so cute!




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Three Little Puppies

Cricket had her puppies! She had two boys and a girl on July 31, 2015. Cricket and the babies are all doing great! They are just 3 days old in the pictures.

LSP_4587 LSP_4581 LSP_4574 LSP_4573




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